There’s more to us than our titles.

The Baum & Beaulieu partnership began in 1979 with Susan Baum and Nancy Beaulieu, both former educators. Their mission was to partner with the best publishing companies to bring resources to schools, and in turn their teachers and students using a consultative approach. In 2007, Nancy retired and Susan began recruiting each of her three daughters to join the company over time. While the business has grown by expanding our portfolio of products and services, Baum & Beaulieu’s approach and values remain the same.

As former teachers, we know first-hand what it takes to keep students engaged year after year. That’s why we consider it a privilege to hep today’s educators make a difference inside and outside the classroom. To us, personal relationships in our business mean something. We would like to think it is our down-to-earth, roll up your sleeves approach to finding solutions that make us a great partner to you, the educator, and to the publishers, authors and consultants from which we source our products and services.

Whether it is guiding you in selecting the most appropriate tools, engaging with you in a workshop or connecting you with like-minded colleagues, we know that when you have the right tools at your disposal, you can achieve anything!

Our Team

Our Values

At Baum & Beaulieu, our core values are at the heart of our company. We value acting with integrity, which means doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. We also value excellence, which means delivering exceptional products and services to improve educators’ and students’ lives. We believe in philanthropy or giving back to those in need to support the advancement of education. We also believe that we must respect everyone, everywhere. As a woman-owned business, we value inclusivity and the diversity of thoughts and experiences so that we can leverage the strengths of the people around us.

Charitable Giving

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Singing Traditional Songs in Hosanna Ethiopia at h2 Empower

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