The Learning Network offers professional development services and engaging workshops to help you advance your knowledge, and allow your schools and students to flourish.

We provide professional development services through a network of third-party consultants who are experts in all things literacy, including the products we offer, as well as other specialized areas of expertise such as administrative leadership and social responsibility.

Our workshops and information sessions, sponsored by the Learning Network as well as the publishing companies we represent, are offered throughout New York State. These sessions provide not only substantive information, but interactive experiences aimed at connecting you with colleagues.

Professional Development Services

We have compiled a network of diverse professional educational consultants ready to assist you with your professional development needs:

  • Professional Development
  • Implementation Support

Professional development services range from long-term engagements to full or half day workshops either on or off-site.


We offer a variety of workshops hosted by top authors, expert consultants and former educators to share knowledge, spark discussion, build relationships and get your creative juices flowing. Our intention is to create an open and warm atmosphere, with a lot of learning and an equal amount of fun sprinkled in.