Our Team

Susan Baum
Founder & Chairwoman Emeritus

Prior Gigs: Former elementary school and middle school teacher, consultant, and curriculum developer.
Professional Passions: Working with her three daughters, helping teachers enhance their teaching experience and effectiveness, fostering a love of learning among students.
Personal Passions: Entertaining, reading, traveling with her husband, working in Ethiopia to bring educational sustainability, and spending time with her three daughters, their husbands and eight grandchildren.
Fun Fact: I have a story for every occasion. I’m not sure if that makes me interesting or “experienced”?

Jamie Baum Garippo
Head of Sales & Consulting

Prior Gigs: Former special ed and gen ed elementary school teacher on both Long Island and Manhattan.
Professional Passions: Being able to work in a supportive environment, partnering with educators to help them make important curriculum decisions, being an educator-consultant matchmaker.
Personal Passions: Spending time with family, enjoying the beautiful Long Island beaches, and checking out the latest restaurants.
Fun Fact: If you move an item on my desk by 1 cm … I will know … and I will find you.

Shira Baum MacGregor
Head of Marketing & Events

Prior Gigs: A trained chef with a degree in business from the Culinary Institute of America, caterer and event planner.
Professional Passions: Making every one of our events a memorable one, getting to know our educators personally, putting some pizzazz into our marketing materials.
Personal Passions: Spending time with family, cooking, traveling and putting an artistic flare on her home.
Fun Fact: You know that fancy necklace I’m wearing? I found it for a bargain on the internet.

Korin Baum Barros
Head of Operations

Prior Gigs: Lawyer doing lots of lawyerly stuff sprinkled in with some entrepreneurial endeavors.
Professional Passions: Finding a solution to every problem, curating a great company culture, and taking complex issues and making them easy to understand.
Personal Passions: Spending time with family, globetrotting, entertaining and writing.
Fun Fact: If you ever have 20 people coming over with an hour’s notice, I’m the girl to call.

Kim Autio
Sales Service & Support Manager

Prior Gigs: Jack-of-all trades for a large distribution company, been here so long that prior gigs have morphed into this one.
Professional Passions: Being a helper to my colleagues and our educators, and working in place where I can laugh every day.
Personal Passions: Spending time with my husband and two grown children, dog and cat lover, camper, and crafter.
Fun Fact: I am the female MacGuyver. I’m never far from my pink tool set.

Ann Carey
Sales Service & Support Representative

Prior Gigs: Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, preschool teacher, and billing coordinator for childhood development therapy agency.
Professional Passions: Collaborating with colleagues, listening and analysis.
Personal Passions: Spending time with family, volunteering to help her children, crafting, and being in the outdoors.
Fun Fact: My office nickname is Houdini. Give me a lock or a puzzle and I can beat any clock!

Angela Santaniello
Administrative Assistant

Prior Gigs: While attending college, worked at a Bakery. Received a Bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Professional Passions: Working as a team to have every customer walk away satisfied.

Personal Passions: Spending time with family. Passion for baking and finding new recipes. Both are done with love.

Fun Fact: I love fun nail patterns so you’re sure to know what holiday it is by looking at my hands.


Through our relationship with The Educators Link, we can handle any engagement, big or small. The Educators Link has a network of consultants enabling us to quickly assemble a team that suits your needs. Consultants for The Educators Link have backgrounds that include former administrators, teachers, literacy coaches, authors and those who have dedicated a good portion of their career to teaching teachers. We can’t wait for you to meet them!